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Fireship Nascence

GENESIS” has gone “DARK” according to a massive plan that took years in the making. Genesis is prepared to watch the world burn. In retaliation, Genesis is taking the fight to the enemy and its allies. The plan is meticulous and they are deep dark.

The Nascence has been deployed with five Leviathan class ships and tankers running offense. This countermeasure insures that the Nascence navigate through the defenses of the world’s navies and deliver her nuclear payload to targeted American cities. (No…it is not New York!)

The Nascence is as deadly as she is beautiful. Fire ship Nascence was born in the best shipyards in the world. Scientists are in awe at her technology and speed. Ship Designers are amazed at her functionality and beauty. But do not let her cargo fool you.


Come aboard for the greatest sea hunt known to humankind!


Experience the excitement, action, intrigue and exhilaration of this patriotic novel.


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